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The Advanced Lateral Flow Course is the premier educational event for the lateral flow industry. Whether you are initiating a new rapid test development program, trouble-shooting an existing assay, or marketing a complete device, this event will provide the support you need for success.

During this 3 day seminar, some of the most experienced professionals in the industry will guide you through the cycle of design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of a high performance lateral flow test.  They will address the difficulties of producing the right product for the right market and explain that it’s not just about the test, it’s about the product.  

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COURSE TOPICS:exploded cassette


  • Establish the basic groundwork for a lateral flow test
  • Talk about reagent selection and conjugation methods
  • Discuss advanced development practices, including quantification & multiplexing
  • Explain the importance of a highly controlled manufacturing process
  • Address regulations and requirements for POC devices
  • Review commercialization considerations, including intellectual property and reimbursement



  • Attend the COMMERCIAL TRADE SHOW with a variety of component suppliers, technology suppliers, and manufacturersworkplace-1245776_1280
  • DISCOVER how lateral flow tests are utilized in a variety of different markets, including veterinary diagnostics, biowarfare, food safety, companion diagnostics, and many others
  • NETWORK with over 100 attendees from around the world
  • Form PARTNERSHIPS with major players in the lateral flow arena
  • Gain a comprehensive UP-TO-DATE view of the rapid diagnostics industry
  • Learn about innovative products and platforms during the COMMERCIAL PRESENTATIONS by our sponsors
  • Attend the FREE Mini Symposium during which presenters from various organizations discuss their
    experiences in designing rapid tests for challenging applications
  • Visit a related POSTER exhibition focused on rapid assay technology and applications

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